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Don’t let roof stress keep you down. Trust us to  hop to and handle all of your residential, commercial, and gutter needs.  All backed with Shreiner’s Roofing guarantee. 

Why Shreiner's Kanga Roof

Shingles, nails, flashing, gutters… Whew! The skills needed to install and maintain your roofing may seem overwhelming.  We believe is removing the stress from you as a home or building owner.  A Kanga Roof will stand the test of each season because we are installing your roof to the exact specifications by our highly experienced roofers.  This is true for our gutter repair as well.  We have been in the Amarillo community for over 30+ years and plan to be here for another 130 years. 

Residential Services

Amarillo and Panhandle homeowners like you trust us for excellence in all we do.  Our unmatched level of detail as it pertains to residential roofing and gutters is why you can trust Shreiner’s Kanga Roof.  We believe in making every home we touch an Kanga Roof home – let us hop to it.



Commercial Roofing

From commercial properties to industrial warehouses, Shreiner’s Kanga Roof brings years of local experience to roofing repair, replacement, or restoration.

Customer Reviews


Shreiner's Kanga Roof rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews

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