What’s a roof?

Shingles, nails, flashing—and something more. Every roof reflects the hands and skills needed to install it. We believe in roofing to a higher standard—an Ideal roof stands the test of every season because it’s installed to exacting specifications by hand-selected roofers with decades of experience. I wouldn’t settle for less, I don’t expect you to either.

Our goal?

Ideal Roofing has a single goal on every project: ensure that your home or business makes a striking impression. Whether that’s a roof that not only protects everything under it or residential siding that adds curb appeal, or replacement windows to boost energy efficiency, I personally see to it that we deliver Ideal workmanship on every project.

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Ideal Roofing: Full Service, Full Satisfaction

Whether it’s your home or business, my obsession with excellence is your assurance that what we promise is what you get. That means we’re not done with your project until you’re delighted. Anything less wouldn’t be Ideal, after all. That’s what we believe.

How can Shreiner's Kanga Roof help you?

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