Important Roof Maintenance Tips for 2023

Important Roof Maintenance Tips for 2023

As is customary at the start of every new year, making a list of resolutions to better yourself is essential. While it might not be overly glamorous, a top priority on your list of resolutions should be investing in your home’s well-being with much-needed roof maintenance. After all, your roof is one of the most important components of your home and has the job of maintaining and improving its value. 

While the best thing you can do is contact us at KangaRoof for professional roof maintenance, inspection, and repairs, there are plenty of things you can do on your own. This article will look at a complete list of DIY roof maintenance items and a few things you should leave to the pros. By taking a few hours to do these things, your roof will be ready for anything that 2023 throws its way. 

8 Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Roof 

If you want to take the next step in being a responsible homeowner, here are eight roof maintenance things you can do. When working on your roof, it’s important always to put safety first and ensure you have the right equipment. You should wear slip-resistance shoes and kneepads and never walk too close to the roof’s edge. It’s also a good idea to have sturdy ladders and a ready helper in case you need assistance. 

Check Your Shingles 

Whether you have shingles, clay tiles, metal sheets, or any other type of roofing, checking them regularly is crucial. You don’t need to do an in-depth inspection every time. Roof and shingle damage is often easy to spot with a quick visual inspection. Be on the lookout for worn or discolored shingles, green mold or algae, and other obvious signs of wear and tear. 


If you happen to spot issues or concerns, don’t attempt to make the repair yourself. Instead, contact us at KangaRoof and make an appointment with our team of roof maintenance and repair professionals. 

Trim Trees Above Your Roof 

Depending on where you live in Texas, your home might be subject to high winds, hail, and other dangerous storms. If you have trees growing near your house, there’s a good chance that these elements can cause branches and debris to fall onto your roof, resulting in damage. For that reason, it’s important to trim branches, trees, and bushes growing near your roofline. If you’re not comfortable doing the work yourself, hire a landscaping or tree-trimming pro. 

Clean Your Gutters Bi-Annually 

Dirty, clogged gutters are one of the main causes of roof leaks and roof damage. If your gutters are full of leaves and debris, rain and melted ice won’t be able to drain properly. Instead, it will build up on top of your roof, potentially resulting in a roof or sidewall leak. Therefore, you should clean your gutters twice yearly – once before fall and once after winter. 

Attic Inspection 

Another essential roof maintenance item to check off your list is an attic inspection. By simply poking your head into the attic and checking for sunlight or wet spots, you can catch problems in their early stages. A tiny leak isn’t a big deal in and of itself, but it can lead to severe problems if left unrepaired. 

Check Your Flashings 

Compared to your roof and gutters, roof flashings are more likely to experience issues than anything else. Roof flashings are usually made of metal or rubber, and they get installed around vent pipes and chimneys sticking through your roof. Because of how flashings work and what they’re made of, they’re very prone to pinhole leaks or caulking issues. Most of these problems are easily repairable if you catch them soon enough, which means regular roof maintenance is crucial. 

Remove Branches and Debris as Needed 

While you’re cleaning your gutters and checking your shingles, it’s also a good idea to remove branches and debris sitting on top of your roof. Branches and debris can quickly turn into problems if they sit on your roof for too long. They can also break down and clog or damage your gutters. 

Proper Ventilation is Crucial 

Checking your attic’s ventilation is one of the lesser-known items of roof maintenance. It’s also one of the most difficult tasks to perform if you’re not a roofing professional. You see, unless there’s adequate airflow in your attic, the air will get moist and stagnant. When this happens, your roof can weaken and deteriorate from the inside out, resulting in eventual roof leaks and substantial damage. 

Ensure Proper Drainage

The final item on your roof maintenance checklist should be to ensure adequate roof drainage. Cleaning your gutters and roof is a good start, but additional steps might be needed to get your roof to where it needs to be. 

Roof Maintenance You Should Leave to the Pros 

While you can do many of these roof maintenance items yourself, some of them will require professional skills. For example, ensuring adequate roof drainage, attic ventilation, tree trimming, flashing inspection, and basic repairs are all things you should leave to the pros. 


Additionally, if you’re not comfortable walking around on your roof and getting your hands dirty, you shouldn’t attempt to do so. The leading cause of roof-related accidents is that people are trying to do more than they’re able to or comfortable with. It’s much safer and wiser to hire a professional roofer to work on your roof than to attempt to save a few bucks and do the work yourself. 

Who to Call in Texas for Professional Roof Maintenance You Can Trust

Whether you require professional roof maintenance, inspections, or repairs or simply aren’t comfortable with heights, Kanga Roof is here to help. We’re a leading roofing contractor and specialize in anything roof-related. We provide professional, quality roofing inspections and maintenance and will perform on-the-spot repairs if necessary. Contact us for a complete list of services or to schedule an appointment. 


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