Is It Ok to Put Shingles Over Shingles? Expert Answer

Is It Ok to Put Shingles Over Shingles?

If your home currently has a shingled roof that’s more than two decades old, there’s a good chance you’re considering a replacement. While metal and tile roofs are becoming increasingly popular in Texas, it’s cheaper to install a second shingle roof. However, if you’re going from one shingled roof to another, you may be wondering if you need to remove your old shingles. 

Depending on the situation and the condition of your roof, you can install your new shingles on top of the old ones. However, there are several factors that will determine whether or not you can do this. It’s also important to contact us at KangaRoof and consult the pros before making any final decisions. To learn more about if it’s ok to put shingles over shingles, keep reading! 


Can You Put Shingles Over Shingles? 

When it comes to installing a new roof over an existing one, people are constantly looking for ways to save time and money. As a result, they wonder if it’s ok to install new shingles on top of old ones. In short, it’s ok and sometimes even advantageous to install shingles over shingles. However, It’s vital that you get your roof inspected by a professional to ensure that this method will work, as there are potential issues if you fail to do this. 

Advantages of Putting Shingles Over Shingles 

Let’s start with the good stuff. There are several reasons why having two layers of shingles might be a good thing, and here they are. 

Save Time 

The biggest and most obvious reason to put new shingles down without removing the old ones is that it’s faster and more convenient. Removing shingles is hard work and takes time, which means that skipping them is an attractive idea. However, while not removing all your old shingles will indeed save some time, there’s still prep work involved with putting shingles over shingles. In the end, you might not save as much time as you were hoping. 


Save Money

The second chief advantage of putting shingles over shingles is that you save money. This is especially true if you’re hiring a roofing company to handle the installation. Removing an old roof takes hours to do, resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars in labor costs. By skipping this step, you can pocket that money or put it towards your new roof. 

More Shingles Means More Protection 

Finally, it seems like common sense that having two layers of shingles is better than one because it means double the protection. While this is true in some cases, when done correctly, two layers of shingles aren’t always a good thing. Sometimes, it can even do more harm than good. 

Disadvantages of Putting Shingles Over Shingles 

Now that we’ve looked at the advantages of putting shingles over shingles let’s examine the not-so-good stuff. 

More Weight For Your Roof 

First off, adding a second layer of shingles without removing the first layer will double the weight that’s on your roof. Depending on how old your house is, this could be a major concern. The beams and joists that support your roof are only designed to handle so much weight, and a second layer of shingles could tip the scales. 

Not the Ideal Installation 

Asphalt shingles are designed in a way that they’re only supposed to get installed on flat, even surfaces. Shingles, by nature and design, have a series of tiny ridges and bumps on their surface. Therefore, when you install shingles on top of shingles, you’re not installing them on the correct surface, which could lead to leaks. 

Inadequate Inspection of the Old Roof

One of the main reasons that professional roofers don’t like installing shingles over shingles is that it means they can’t inspect the base layer of your roof. When roofers remove old shingles, they take the opportunity to perform an in-depth inspection to make sure your roof is in good condition. If they don’t remove the base layer of shingles, they’re unable to perform this inspection, and you might be doubling down on a rotted roof. 

Could End Up Costing More Money

Because of the repair and maintenance costs that could follow due to roof damage, you don’t always save money by putting shingles over shingles. 

More Prone to Leaks 

As we said before, by not removing the old shingles, you’re putting yourself at risk for leaks in several ways. The main reason you’re at higher risk is that your roof installers can’t put down a fresh leak barrier between the shingles and the base of the roof. 

May Void the Warranty 

Another way that shingles over shingles can cost money down the road is because it might void the warranty on your new roof. Most companies won’t honor your warranty in the event of a leak or damage because they understand the risks of putting shingles over shingles. Contact us at KangaRoof if you have questions or concerns about voided warranties, and we’ll be happy to assist. 

Decreases Home Value 

In the same way that roofers understand the risks of putting shingles over shingles, so do realtors and home inspectors. If these professionals find out that you have two layers of asphalt shingles, they will advise their clients not to buy your home or to chew you down. They know there’s a good chance that you’ll either have to replace the roof or spend money on repairs. 

Code Restrictions 

Finally, there’s a chance that putting shingles over shingles is a code violation in your area. If this is the case, you’ll have a hard time finding a quality roofer willing to risk a code violation. This is especially true if you live in a part of Texas that is prone to high winds, heavy storms, and lots of rain.

Who to Contact for Advice About Putting Shingles Over Shingles

Now that you understand the pros and cons of installing shingles over shingles, you can decide for yourself if it’s a good idea. However, you should always consult a roofing professional and ask their opinion before making your final decision. Roofing pros, like KangaRoof, have the experience and knowledge necessary to tell you if it’s a good idea to put shingles over shingles. We also have the tools, manpower, and training necessary to get the job done if you opt for a professional installation. Contact us to learn more, or schedule an appointment today! 


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