What to Expect

Shreiner's Kanga Roof makes roofing and gutters easy

We believe in doing this the right way the first time.  We make it easy to choose the right roofing solutions.  We make it easy to schedule. Easy to complete. And, easy on your wallet.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Shreiner's Kanga Roof

From first call until the final nail is picked up, every step of your project is managed in our work management system. Every project starts and ends with a inspection with our roofing team.

How we kick things off

Our first step is to schedule is to gather a bit more information about your home. We will schedule a time with you to take a look at your roof. Every project is different, so our goal is to match you with the best solution to fit your needs.

Its your choice

We will provide you with a array of options based on what we discovered during the initial inspection. We will give you the time and information necessary to make an informed decision. We never pressure you!

Once you give us the go, we hop to it

Just like our tag line, we do not waste any time. We immediately set your project up on our work management platform, order materials, get the crews scheduled. Our goal is to finish as quickly as possible.

No nail left behind

We believe no nail should be left behind. We do our best to protect your property and shrubbery from failing debris. We like to think of ourselves as Secret Service -- We leave no trace

Our Guarantee

Once our team completes the job, your Kanga Roof project manager will circle back to ensure you're happy with the work and how we left your home. Our work carries a guarantee, which means you can depend on Kanga Roof.

How can Shreiner's Kanga Roof help you?

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