Who to Turn to For Roofing Repair in Amarillo, TX

Who to Turn to For Roofing Repair in Amarillo, TX

With all the different weather we have, it’s more important than ever to have your roof in tip-top shape. If you know you need roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX, you should contact us and schedule an appointment. We can inspect your roof to assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs. 


If you haven’t had your roof checked in a while and aren’t sure if you need repairs, you should schedule a roofing inspection. During the inspection, we can determine if your roof has sustained damage of any kind and repair it on the spot. The last thing you want this winter is to be unaware of necessary roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX. A damaged roof will let hot air out of your home and cold air and moisture inside. 


Who to Turn to For Roofing Repair in Amarillo, TX 

How to Know You Need Roofing Repairs 

When it comes to knowing whether or not you need roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX, there are a few ways to tell. 

Visible Daylight In Your Attic 

When you’re searching for roof damage, you should start with the easiest and most obvious sign – daylight in your attic. If you poke your head into your attic and notice sunlight, even a tiny amount, shining inside, it means you have a hole. In most cases, if the problem has gotten this bad, you’ve needed roof repairs for a while. 


Holes in your roof can result from normal wear and tear, hale, or a severe storm. Holes can also result from branches, objects, or debris falling onto the roof and breaking through to the attic. 

Sagging Areas on Your Roof 

Another obvious sign that you need roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX, is if you have visible sagging on your roof. A sagging roof indicates structural damage because of rain, moisture, or other external elements. Regardless of why your roof is sagging, you should have it professionally repaired. 

Water or Water Stains on Your Ceiling 

While water stains or puddles on your ceiling can result from a broken pipe, they can also stem from roof damage. Water can slowly leak around shingles, your soffit, roof flashings, and other spots. If the leak is left alone for long enough, it can accumulate and cause water stains or puddles. 

Discoloration of Your Shingles or Tiles 

Again, discoloration of your shingles, tiles or another type of roofing can occur because of old age or wear and tear. While discoloration isn’t always an indicator of roof damage, it’s a good sign that your roof is getting old and should get repaired or replaced. 

Common Roofing Repairs in Amarillo, Texas 

Damaged Soffit or Fascia 

The soffit and fascia of your roof are the metal or aluminum linings just below your roofline. The soffit and fascia are responsible for protecting your roof from water and snow run-off. While leaks in the fascia often result in siding and wall damage, they can also lead to roof damage. Water can sneak through the fascia and get beneath your shingles, damaging your underlayment. 

Damaged Roof Flashing 

Roof flashings are rubber or metallic barriers around pipes, wires, and chimneys sticking through your roof. The flashing creates a water-tight seal around the object and prevents water from leaking through the hole in the roof. However, over time, the rubber can wear out or get damaged over time, resulting in small water leaks. Leaks around flashing can also stem from improper installation. 

Holes or Leaks in the Roof 

The most common roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX, are to remedy holes and leaks in roofs. Holes and leaks result from wear and tear or damage to one or more components on your roof. Holes and leaks can also stem from severe weather or being submitted to excessive heat from the Texas sun. Heat will wear away at your shingles and tiles and eventually ruin them. 

Wear and Tear due to Age

Just as the intense Texas heat can cause roof damage, so can old age. In general, roofs aren’t built to last for more than 25 to 40 years, depending on the type of roof you have and the quality of the installation. Therefore, if your roof is approaching the 25 or 30-year mark, you should contact us for an inspection. There’s a good chance you need roofing repairs and don’t even realize it. 

How to Prevent the Need for Roofing Repairs 

While roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX, are inevitable at some point, you can hold them off by following these three practices. 

Have Your Roof Inspected Annually 

The best way to know if you need repairs or are about to need them is to invest in a roofing inspection. An inspection from a licensed roofing contractor will catch problems and issues before they have the chance to manifest. We can also repair these issues before they cause excessive damage to your home. 

Invest in Routine Maintenance 

While you can do plenty of things on your own such as cleaning your roof, clearing your gutters, and trimming trees near your home, you can only do so much. Investing in roofing maintenance from a professional roof installer in Amarillo can prolong your roof’s lifespan. 

Replace It Pre-Emptively

Finally, the third thing you can do to negate the need for roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX, is to replace your roof pre-emptively. For instance, if your roof is nearing 25 or 30 years of age, there’s a good chance it needs to be replaced anyways. By replacing it before issues have a chance to pop up, you can save yourself a ton of money. 

Contact Us for the Best and Fastest Roofing Repairs in Amarillo, TX

If you need roofing repairs in Amarillo, TX, or the surrounding area, look no further than Kanga Roof. Kanga is an industry leader when it comes to roofing repairs, replacements, and installations. We can also inspect your roof and let you know if you’re at risk for repairs in the future. Roofing repairs from Kanga Roof will also ensure your home is operating at optimal efficiency. 



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