Who to Call For Commercial Roof Repairs in Amarillo

Who to Call For Commercial Roof Repairs in Amarillo

There are many important components to all buildings on your commercial property. In addition to the foundations, framework, and mechanical systems, you also have to worry about your roof. In fact, for the most part, your roof is the most important part of your commercial property. Without a sound roof, you’re at risk of having leaks that could damage other parts of your building. Additionally, a bad roof can lead to high utility bills and other unwanted costs. 

If you’re currently experiencing problems with your roof, you should invest in commercial roof repairs. Commercial roof repairs from a qualified and experienced roofing professional is the best way to get your building back up to snuff. This article will look at some of the most common commercial roofing repairs when to invest in them, and who to call when the time comes. 


Who to Call For Commercial Roof Repairs in Amarillo

7 Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repairs 

Contrary to what you may think, it isn’t always obvious when you need commercial roof repairs. Not all issues result in a pool of water flooding through your roof. Instead, the signs are often more subtle and harder to notice. 

Moisture on Your Ceiling 

It’s difficult to see moisture on your ceiling unless you’re paying close attention. Moisture is defined by dark patches that will eventually start to sag as the damage progresses. However, it’s vital to pay close attention, because moisture on the ceiling develops slowly over time. 

Moisture in Your Attic 

Before moisture can develop on your ceiling as a result of a roof leak, it has to make its way through your attic. Therefore, if possible, it’s best to catch moisture damage in your attic before it reaches your ceiling. However, that will require you to poke your head into the attic periodically and look for signs of trouble. 

Faded Roofing Materials 

Whether you have traditional shingles, a rubber membrane, or another commercial roofing material, these products tend to change color over time. This happens because of wear and tear, exposure to the elements, and other reasons. While the fading process is natural, it’s also a sign that your roof is getting older and may need repairs or replacement. 

Holes in the Roof 

One of the more obvious signs that you need a roof repair is if you notice a hole in the roof. Once again, however, this will require you to be active and vigilant and to pay close attention to your roof. 

Damage Around Your Flashings 

If you have pipes, wires, HVAC units, and other things protruding through your roof, they’ll likely be surrounded by flashing. Flashing is designed to form a perfect seal around these protrusions and prevent moisture from entering your building. However, as with the roof itself, flashing tends to wear out and will require maintenance and repairs over time. 

You Have an Old Roof

Commercial roofing materials are fairly durable and long-lasting. However, like all building materials, they aren’t meant to last forever and will eventually give out. Therefore, if your roof is more than 20 years old, you should invest in regular commercial roof repairs and maintenance to keep damage at bay. 

High Energy Bills 

If you’re experiencing unusually high energy bills, the most likely culprit is your HVAC system. However, it’s also possible that you need more insulation in your attic or along your roofline. Although insulation is located inside your building and not on the roof, it’s considered a roofing repair because of how it impacts your roof’s performance. 

Can I Perform My Own Roofing Repairs? 

As a business owner, you’re used to finding ways to save money wherever possible. However, one area where it’s not worth trying to save money is your commercial roof repairs. Roofing repairs of all kinds are difficult and complicated and need to be done correctly. An improper roofing repair could complicate the problem and lead to even more severe damage. 

Therefore, if you need commercial roof repairs, you should contact the pros at Kanga Roof. No matter the repair you need, we’re the team for the job. 

How to Avoid Needing Commercial Roofing Repairs

No matter how durable or resistant your roofing material is, it will start to give out and require repairs at one point or another. However, there are certain things you can do to hold off that reality for as long as possible. Here’s what you need to do to prevent the need for commercial roof repairs. 

Perform Inspections 

One of the keys to preventing roof damage is to pay close attention to your roof. Walk on it regularly and check for potential problems so that you can get immediate repair. 

Replace When Necessary 

While it’s expensive, your roof will get to a point where it makes more sense to replace it than to constantly repair it. While this doesn’t always mean a total replacement, it could mean a partial replacement where one or two sections of your roof need to get redone. 

Quality Installation

Who you hire to install your roof will have a massive impact on how often it needs to get repaired. Most premature roofing repairs happen because of poor or improper installation. Therefore, hiring a licensed, experienced roofing professional for your installation is crucial. 

Professional Maintenance 

While inspecting and checking your roof yourself is important, it’s more important to invest in professional maintenance and inspections. Professional commercial roof inspectors will be able to spot problems and fix them before they can result in unwanted damage. 

Who to Call For Commercial Roof Repairs in Amarillo 

Despite your best efforts, personal inspections, and professional maintenance, commercial roof repairs are inevitable. Roofs simply aren’t designed to last forever, and most of them will require repairs at some point. When that happens, contact us at Kanga Roof for all your residential and commercial roof repairs. 

Unlike many roofing companies, Kanga Roof is licensed, insured, and capable of handling both residential and commercial roofing projects. From the initial installation to ongoing maintenance, inspection, repairs, or replacements, we’re the team for the job. 


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