Who to Call When You Need Roofing Repairs in Dumas

Who to Call When You Need Roofing Repairs in Dumas

Compared to other parts of your home, your roof takes a massive beating year after year. As the foremost defense of your home, it’s subjected to rain, ice, snow, the wind, UV radiation, hale storms, and more. As such, it’s more prone to issues that need to be fixed than other parts of your home that your roof helps to protect. 

If you’re worried about something damaging your Dumas roof and you want to know what to look for, you’ve come to the right place. This article will look at some of the most common roofing problems to expect, as well as who to call when you need a roofing repair in Dumas. 

Residential Roofing Repair in Dumas 

If you own a home, apartment, duplex, or another type of residential property, you will need a roofing company that performs residential roofing repairs. While residential repairs are more common than commercial ones, not all roofing companies can perform them. This is because residential properties often have different roofing materials, such as metal and asphalt shingles, than commercial roofs. 


As such, it’s important to check with each prospective roofing company to ensure they have a residential roofing license. Otherwise, they may not be insured or licensed to work on your roof. 

Commercial Roofing Repair in Dumas 

In the same way that there are roofers who specialize in residential projects, there are also those who specialize in commercial ones. While some commercial properties use traditional shingles or metal panels, many of them use rubber, clay tiles, or similar materials. Therefore, it’s important to hire a roofing company that is experienced and equipped to work with commercial materials when the need arises. 

Most Common Roofing Repair Problems 

Regardless of whether you have a residential or commercial roof, however, it’s prone to the same set of problems. The only difference is that the problem will manifest on a different material from one roof to another. Here are some of the most common issues to watch out for. 

Roof Leaks 

Roof leaks are by far the most common repair request we get at Kanga Roof. Roof leaks can happen for a number of reasons, including storm damage, old age, or natural wear and tear. Additionally, while some types of roofs are more resistant to leaks than others, no roof is immune to the issue. All roofing materials will age and face the same elements, which means they can all develop leaks. 


If you notice a roof leak, it’s important to contact us immediately so that we can make the necessary repairs. Roof leaks can lead to water damage, mold problems, and other issues that can ruin your home or business. 

Missing or Damaged Shingles 

Thanks to the high winds and heavy storms that Dumas faces each year, missing or damaged shingles are another common problem. While this is more common with traditional asphalt shingles, it can also happen with clay, wood, or stone tiles and be just as serious of a problem. It’s important to have damaged or missing roofing materials repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. 

Cracks or Creases 

Cracks and creases are a very common roofing repair in Dumas and usually result from natural wear and tear. No roofing material is meant to last forever, and most of them will develop cracks and creases in the days leading up to their demise. 

Dips and Valleys 

As with cracks and creases, dips and valleys can happen with any roof, but they’re especially common with commercial rubber roofing. Dips often happen after periods of heavy rain of a roof doesn’t have proper drainage. This results in rainwater sitting in place and creating a divot in the roof, which will need to be fixed before the water wears through the roof, resulting in a massive leak. 

Improper Installation 

One of the most expensive issues we see at Kanga Roof is when a roof is improperly installed. Unfortunately, this issue is more common than you might think, especially with new roofers. Improper installation makes your roof more prone to issues that could be avoided with proper installation. 

Vent and Flashing Problems 

Roof vents for furnaces and water heaters are very common in Dumas, as are chimneys and other roof protrusions. There is a special flashing surrounding each of these components to prevent roof leaks. Over time, however, these flashings develop problems and must be repaired or replaced periodically. 

Gutter Issues

In addition to roofing problems, gutter issues are also very common in Dumas. Gutter problems often stem from improper maintenance or installation or because of storm damage. Either way, it’s important to get your gutters fixed if you want to avoid water damage and a potential roofing repair in Dumas. 

Hail Damage 

Compared to other parts of Texas and the country, Amarillo and the surrounding area is a frequent victim of hail storms. Hail is one of the most detrimental weather elements when it comes to roofs because it pelts them unrepentantly. This can result in serious dents and damage that will require repairs if you want to avoid future problems. Depending on the damage, you may also need replacement, which is something Kanga Roof can handle. 


Aside from hail damage, branches, trees, flying objects, and other types of debris can also damage your roof. In the same way that hail can cause serious issues, debris can lead to dents, dips, and damaged shingles or roofing materials, resulting in leaks. As such, it’s important to inspect your roof after every heavy storm to check for signs of damage. 

Who to Call For All Your Dumas Roof Repair Needs

Whether you need a residential or commercial roofing repair in Dumas, contact us at Shreiner’s Kanga Roof. We have more than 30 years of experience in the roofing industry and have seen and fixed every repair in the book. From leaks and missing shingles to cracked rubber or hale damage, we can fix it all. 


In addition to a wide range of roofing repairs, we can also handle gutter repairs and installations. On top of that, if you want to take preventative measures to avoid roofing problems, you can sign up for our annual maintenance program, which includes resealing, draining, cleaning, and maintaining your roof. It also includes roofing inspections so that you can address potential problems before they occur! 


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