Emergency Roofing Repair in Amarillo

Emergency Roofing Repair in Amarillo

There are few things more alarming or inconvenient than when you need emergency roofing repairs in Amarillo. Because you can’t predict them, emergency roofing repairs are usually expensive and can result in devastating damage to your home. Whether it’s a slow leak, a damaged soffit, or a tree branch has fallen through your roof, you should contact us at KangaRoof. 

The cause of emergency roofing repairs could be a storm, severe weather, or gradual wear and tear on an old home. No matter the cause, however, you should deal with the emergency as quickly as possible. The sooner you act, the less likely it is that your damaged roof will lead to a damaged home. 

Most Common Emergency Roofing Repair Needs 

The good news is that not everything that goes wrong with your roof is technically considered an emergency. Most roofing repairs happen gradually, and you often have forewarning before a full-blown leak or hole forms. However, here are some of the most common emergency roofing repairs we see at KangaRoof. 

Leaky Shingles

Leaky shingles that allow water to enter your home are the most common emergency roofing repair we see at KangaRoof. Leaky shingles usually form very slowly over time until something pushes them over the edge, resulting in a full-blown leak. Leaks can be small or massive, depending on the severity of the damage. 

In most cases, leaks happen on old roofs following a hale or long rainstorm. Leaks are often avoidable if you have your roof inspected periodically and get it replaced when it reaches 25 to 30 years of age.  

Damaged Flashing 

The flashing is the boot or protective sleeve around vent pipes sticking through the roof. Flashing typically gets installed around vent pipes, chimneys, cables, antennas, and anything else that goes from the inside to the outside of your home. 

In most cases, flashing is made of metal or rubber and gets sealed with caulking. Any of these components can wear down over time, resulting in small leaks around the pipe. If the leak gets big enough, water will eventually start dripping into your home, resulting in an emergency roofing repair. 

Fallen Objects 

Objects that have fallen through your roof are the least common but most severe of all emergency roofing repairs. These objects could be trees, branches, TV antennas, or things near your home that get carried to your roof by a strong wind. Regardless of the cause, objects falling through your roof typically result in large-scale damage and will be more difficult to repair. 

Animal Infestations 

If you have an older house, it’s not uncommon for birds, pests, rodents, and other animals to find their way into your attic. However, while it isn’t uncommon, it’s always inconvenient and could result in an emergency. 

For instance, if rats, bats, mice, or insects are left alone in your attic for too long, they will eventually spread into the living space of your home. While KangaRoof isn’t an exterminator, we can repair the damage that allowed these creatures to enter in the first place. 

Emergency roofing repairs can sometimes wait for a few hours or days before dealing with them. However, if there is inclement weather or it’s during an especially hot or cold time of year, you should get your emergency dealt with immediately. 

How to Avoid Emergency Roofing Repairs

In general, most of these emergencies happen because of hale storms, long periods of rain, strong winds, and other elemental factors. In some cases, such as if a tree branch falls through your roof, there’s very little you can do to keep emergencies from happening. However, most emergencies are the result of gradual wear and tear. Here’s a list of things you can do to avoid these types of emergency roofing repairs. 

    • Have your roof inspected by a roofing professional or home inspector at least once per year. This is especially important if your roof is more than ten years old. 

    • Have your roof inspected after any type of severe weather, such as hale, strong rain, or heavy winds. 

    • Invest in annual roofing maintenance and cleanup from KangaRoof. 

    • Trim back trees and branches that are hanging precariously over your house. 

    • Inspect your attic regularly to ensure that there aren’t any leaks, mold growth, or animals lurking about. 

Can I DIY My Own Emergency Roofing Repairs? 

While you can temporarily handle your own roofing repairs, you should contact a roofing contractor for long-term emergency roofing repairs. Throwing a tarp over a hole or leak in your roof will help temporarily, but it isn’t a long-term solution. Because it’s crucial to fix the damage right the first time, you shouldn’t attempt to make permanent roofing repairs unless you have previous roofing experience. If you do something wrong, you could worsen the problem. 

How to Prepare for Emergency Roofing Repairs

While you can never predict when a roofing emergency will occur or what exactly it will entail, you can still prepare for it. In the same way that you should have a plan of attack in case a family member has a medical emergency, you should know who to call and what to do in the event of a roofing emergency. 

    1. Research the top emergency roofing repair companies in the area that have workers on standby at all hours of the day and night. 

    1. Make sure they’re a reliable company that has a good track record of handling emergencies quickly and effectively. 

    1. Have a large, waterproof tarp on hand to temporarily cover any leaks or holes in your roof. 

    1. Be ready to assess the damage and contact your home insurance company with documentation and a damage report. 

What to Do When I Have Emergency Roofing Repairs

Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do to prepare for emergency roofing repairs. While you can provide a temporary failsafe and document the damage, you’ll ultimately have to contact an emergency roofing professional to repair the damage. When the time comes, contact us at KangaRoof for all your Amarillo emergency roofing repairs. 



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