Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Flashing

Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Flashing

When most people look at a roof, all they see are shingles and gutters. However, your roof is actually a fairly complicated structure made up of several different vital components. For instance, gutter flashing is one of the most important components of your roof, and it’s one that you can’t even see. 

Gutter flashing is often the only thing that stands between you and a leaky roof. It can also prevent birds, rodents, and other animals from sneaking through the narrow opening between your gutters and roofline. If you’re curious and want to know more about why gutter flashing is so important, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is Gutter Flashing? 

Gutter flashing is a narrow strip of aluminum or plastic material that’s made in the shape of an L. Typically, both sides of the gutter flashing are equal lengths that make up half of a square. The purpose of gutter flashing is to seal a small gap that exists between the edge of your roofline and your rain gutters. Because the flashing gets installed underneath the top of the gutter, it’s known as gutter flashing. 


Here’s how gutter flashing works when you install it properly. 


  1. The base of your roof is made of a series of connecting pieces of plywood. 
  2. Just below the edge of the roofline where your sidewalls start, there’s a small gap.  
  3. The gutter flashing gets installed with one side connected to the roofline, and the other connected to the sidewall. 
  4. The goal is to seal the small gap that exists between the roof and the wall. 
  5. When the gutter flashing is installed, your roofer will then install the rain gutters with the top half connected to the gutter flashing. 
  6. If everything is installed properly, your roof will be completely waterproof and there won’t be any gaps for animals to sneak into. 

Why is Gutter Flashing so Important? 

Gutter flashing is often the only thing that stands between you and roof issues. Unfortunately, if the gutter flashing is compromised, both your roof and the interior of your home are prone to damage. Here are some of the main reasons why gutter flashing is so important. 

Protection Against Water 

The main reason that gutter flashing is so important is that it will prevent your attic and home from sustaining water damage. Without gutter flashing, rain and melted ice runoff would be able to flow freely between the gap in your roof and walls, resulting in water in your attic. If enough water gets into your attic, it will eventually leak into your home, causing extensive water damage. 

Rodent and Bird Prevention 

Depending on who installs your roof, the gap between your roof and walls can be large enough for animals to crawl through. Rodents, birds, bats, and other nasty creatures are the last thing you want moving into your attic. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what will happen if your gutter flashing isn’t installed properly. 

Prevents Water From Going Behind Your Gutters 

In addition to water running into your attic, water is also able to leak behind your siding if the gutter flashing isn’t installed properly. This can result in water damage to your sidewalls, which will eventually lead to mold and mildew in your home. 

Keeps Your Gutters Operating Smoothly

Finally, properly installed gutter flashing will also keep your gutters operating smoothly. If the gutter flashing is having problems or is damaged, water won’t flow directly into the gutters, which negates their purpose. 

Will My Roofer Install Gutter Flashing? 

In most cases, the company that installs your roof will also install your gutters and gutter flashing. However, there are certain companies that specialize specifically in installing gutters and gutter flashing. If you want the same quality installation for your roof, gutters, gutter flashing, and all the other components of your roof, contact us at KangaRoof. We’re a one-stop-shop for all your roofing and gutter flashing needs.  

Common Gutter Flashing Problems 


Small, pinhole leaks are by far the most common problem with gutter flashing. Over time or because of damage from storms and heavy winds, small holes will start to form in your gutter flashing. If enough holes form, water will leak through the gutter flashing and into your attic. 

Rust and Corrosion 

Because most gutter flashing is made of aluminum, it’s prone to rust and corrosion. While aluminum is more water and rust-resistant than steel and other metals, it will eventually rust nonetheless. With enough time and rust, your gutter flashing will break down and start leaking. 

Loose Connection 

The final issue to watch out for with gutter flashing is the possibility of installer error. In order to do its job, the gutter flashing has to be securely fastened. Even a single missed nail or caulk seam is enough to result in a sizeable water leak. 

How to Protect Your Gutter Flashing 

While gutter flashing is durable and won’t give out easily, problems are seemingly inevitable. If you want to avoid the issues we mentioned above, here are some things you can do to protect your gutter flashing. 


  • Keep your gutters clean so that debris and junk doesn’t pile up inside of them. 
  • Have a roofing professional perform annual roof and gutter inspections for your home. 
  • Perform small repairs as needed before they can grow into big issues that aren’t repairable. 
  • Check the gutter regularly for rust and corrosion and make necessary repairs if your gutter flashing is made of aluminum. 

Final Thoughts About Gutter Flashing 

While you may never have heard of it, gutter flashing is one of the most important components to a secure, waterproof roof. The only way that gutter flashing will be durable and do its job, is if it gets installed by people who know what they’re doing. Contact us at KangaRoof if you want the best and most secure gutter flashing in Texas. 


We’re a team of roofing professionals who install gutter flashing with care, integrity, and efficacy. Whether you need new gutter flashing, an inspection, or routine repairs and maintenance, we’re the team for the job. 


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